Spinal Surgery

The surgeons at Grove Referrals have significant experience and advanced training in spinal surgery. We are able to offer a 24 hour emergency service for acute spinal cord injuries or spinal pain and provide advanced diagnostic and surgical facilities for investigation and treatment of chronic spinal cord conditions.

Animals referred for investigation of spinal cord injuries undergo thorough neurological examination during the initial consultation. Many cases often require further investigation including, radiography, myelography, CT or MRI. Recommended diagnostic investigations, treatment options and prognosis are always discussed in detail with the clients. We also ensure clients are fully aware of outlook and aftercare , and considered this extremely important prior to undertaking any treatment. Conservative management may be considered appropriate for certain spinal conditions
or where special circumstances dictate surgery is not a feasible option.

Grove referrals have a caring and dedicated team of qualified nurses that along side the surgeons are pivotal in the rehabilitation of spinal patients during the hospitalisation period. This can often range from 1-3 weeks and
clients are welcome to visit their pets at any time with prior arrangement.

Common spinal conditions treated at Grove Referrals include intervertebral disc disease (slipped disc), spinal trauma (fractures/dislocations), lumbosacral disease and occasionally spinal deformities, instabilities and spinal cysts.