Lorraine Fleming offers an ophthalmology referral service based at the hospital in Fakenham. Lorraine is available at the practice every Wednesday and Thursday, for consultations and surgery. She’s available for advice 7 days a week. Lorraine is happy to deal with ophthalmology queries by phone 01328 862137 or e-mail via grove.referrals@cvsvets.com or directly at lozvet@waitrose.com.

Lorraine is happy to see medical and surgical cases for assessment and treatment. All types of lid surgery are performed, along with electrolysis for distichiasis. Lorraine has an operating microscope, which is used for corneal surgery, lens extractions and other intraocular procedures.

If you have a possible referral then please feel free to ring and discuss the options. If you can’t refer or just want some help then Lorraine is always happy to discuss case management with you. Pictures of cases are really useful to help you with your diagnosis and treatment, so start taking as many as possible and e-mail them over for an opinion.