Insured animals

Fees must be settled with the practice at the time of your pets discharge and the money claimed back from your insurance company (see Pet insurance & claiming for veterinary fees PDF). In some circumstances we can claim fees direct from certain insurance companies, but this requires prior arrangement and authorisation by both ourselves and the insurance company (see Claiming fees direct from insurance companies PDF).

Claim forms may be left with us for completion and sending off to the insurance company. We have one person in the practice who deals with all insurance claims and copies of the claim are kept for 6 months. Most forms are completed and submitted within a week of receiving them. For further information on claiming from insurance companies and to arrange claiming direct fees from your insurance company please see the accompanying pdf downloads.

In general we advise that one claim form is used for the fees charged by your normal vet, and a separate form supplied to us for our fees. This will not lead to an additional excess being added to the claim.

We are not agents for any insurance company and cannot be responsible for any decisions made by them.

A copy of the practice's "Terms and Conditions of Business" is available on request.