Referral to The Grove

Initial contact must always be made by your own vet who may wish to discuss the problem beforehand with one of the surgeons. Cases will be seen as soon as possible in order of clinical urgency which may mean the same day for certain acute spinal problems.

At the first consultation we will carry out a detailed examination of your animal and discuss the problem with you. Please remember to bring any notes or X-rays supplied to you by your own vet. Completion of our PDF client registration form will help our reception staff process your appointment on arrival at the Grove.

In the majority of cases your pet will be admitted after the consultation and have further investigations and X-rays taken. If surgery is necessary, then this may be carried out the same day or arranged for a later date. Cases requiring surgery will usually stay with us over night, to be discharged the following day. Some cases require a longer stays.

All case details will be discussed with you and a formal report sent promptly to your own vet following completion of treatment. After this, further contact with The Grove must strictly be through your own veterinary surgeon.